2017 Honeybee Festival


**10:00-10:45 am                               Opening Ceremonies

10:00-5:00 pm                  Blacksmith Demonstration

10:00-5:00 pm                  Kernersville Area Tennis Demonstration

10:15-10:45 am                  National Anthem & Opening Ceremonies with The Golden Triad Chorus

**10:45-11:00 am              Announcements

11:00 am                         TBA

*12:30-12:55                      Demo

*12:55 pm-1:15 pm           SINGING BEE

1:15 pm                            TBA

*2:45-3:05 pm                   Demo

3:15 pm                            TBA

5:00pm                                                          Festival Ends

The 2017 Honeybee Festival Entertainment is brought to you by……….. that could be you!

Contact Heather Wood, Marketing & Community Relations Specialist at hwood@toknc.com or 336-996-6421 for more details!